Homework Help

Homework help sessions are to help students better understand the material learning in class and then complete the homework assignment based on the subject matter. Organization, lesson review and completing assignments are accomplished students to get the homework done right the first time, but also enhance their knowledge of what was taught in class. Some students need help analyzing and interpreting assigned reading and homework and choose to not do the assignment or sacrifice a grade instead of asking for help. To prevent this, it is important to enforce a habit of list making to understand where the priority assignments are and making sure the time is used wisely to complete them. Structured homework help sessions teach and fundamental principle of managing time and organizing a large list of responsibilities. These skills can be applied to school and many other aspects of life, which creates the ultimate path for success.


We teach each student the methods we employ in list-making, prioritization, and organization so that they can eventually prepare for long-term assignments and keep track of deadlines themselves. Charts and visual aids are some of the various methods we use to encourage list making.


This may include building habits like writing in planners, routinely cleaning out lockers and backpacks, organizing binders and papers, and even discussing the underlying fears related to procrastination. Creating a sense of ownership and pride for a organized


With consistency over time, these executive functions will become second nature, enabling your child to achieve their goals more confidently than ever before. Teaching students by example and experience we mold a new and organized pattern for success.



Making a list of priorities of homework assignments and tests/quizzes is a good start. We organize it in order of priority together and students can learn to choose the right assignments to work on first.


Review Lesson

It is often that a teach does reach the student s and our job is to reiterate the material learned in class to ensure understanding of the material. We want the material to be approachable and easier to learn.

Complete Homework

Once the fundamentals are taught, the homework should be effortless. With the proper review, homework can be completed fast and efficiently.

Single Subject Tutoring

We offer single subject tutoring so help with content and test prep. Elite Education can provide tutoring services for almost any subject to help comprehend the material, study and memorize the information to better understand in information. Single subject tutoring will help improve your child’s confidence in class when they become confident in the material. This can make beneficial changes in participation, long term retention and test scores. Click here to see a list of subjects.


Understand material starts with good outline. Our tutors help students learn how to outline subject matter by learning what information is most important. We explain what each section should look like, proper headings and bold key terms.


Our tutors help students effectively create flashcards based on the main principles of the subject we have outlined. Mnemonic devices are often used to help understanding and rewriting material provides kinesthetic learning.


Using our Elite Education system, our tutors enforce the outlined material using the flashcards memorize the information. Most students know how to make flashcards but lack the knowledge of how to affectively use them.

Weekly/ Daily To Do Lists

We provide a weekly “to-do list” for your student, containing a list of upcoming assignments and tests sent to your email inbox each week. This list includes current and ongoing assignments separated by subject. The list includes the assigned date, due date and is listed in order or priority to help students manage their homework time properly and allow you to stay updated on their assignments. We also can provide a “to-do list” for students at every tutoring session, containing a list of upcoming assignments & tests sent to your email inbox each day you have a session booked.Creating these to-do lists helps students stay organized, gives parents peace of mind, and allows us to track students’ progress over time.



Before arriving for a tutoring session, we identify all upcoming due dates for the current and following week. After thoroughly navigating through assignments we place them in order of priority.



We then create a list for the student that includes homework deadlines, dates of quizzes and tests, and progress reports on long-term projects. We create the list ahead of time and arrive ready to analyze and explain the goals for the day.


Working with this list, prioritizing assignments with the highest difficulty level, soonest due date, and overall impact on grade, we utilize these lists in every session to use our time as efficiently as possible.

Grades and Progress Reports

We provide a weekly report with the student’s current class grades and grades on major assignments sent to your email inbox on Mondays. Grades are sent for each academic subjects highlighting areas to work on, low scores and concerns, and comments on how to improve these grades. We can  provide a weekly report with your child’s current class grades and grades on major assignments sent to your email inbox each day you have a session booked. Specific solutions can then be identified to tailor the tutoring approach to each child’s needs.


While we facilitate improvement and build confidence in all academic subjects, we also understand the need to focus tutoring in students’ areas of greatest opportunity. Missing assignment can go unnoticed and begin a downward path in grades.


With grades tracked each week in our to-do lists, scoring fluctuations are easy to spot and follow up on, and we can provide recommendations for each student in order to achieve stronger cumulative scores. We can find the best way to make up missing points.

Execute Change

These weekly grade reports provide insight into students’ successes and missteps, allowing us to identify the cause of each mark they receive, illuminating poor studying habits, missing assignments, or test anxiety. It allows us to find solutions to enhancing low scores or prevent further ones.

Organization and Executive Functioning

A decline in grades and good study habits usually begin with a lack or lapse in organization and executive functioning. We offer organization help for students which includes cleaning out backpacks, filing away old papers, organizing binders and folders, providing planners as well as providing the skills to make this a new habit and prevent further chaos. Most students get behind when they become intimidated by their responsibilities and due to lack of organization start to procrastinate, get behind and then grades begin to suffer. We help comb through the materials and set students on the right track for success. Using tutors for executive functioning issues is the fastest way to break bad habits and future self-organization can be expected.



Etiquette, the complex network of rules that govern good behavior and our social and business interactions, is always evolving and changing as society changes. It helps us show respect and consideration to others and makes others glad that we are with them.


Etiquette guidelines will be taught, demonstrated and implemented into daily routine. Those guidelines are developed using common sense, a sense of fairness, politeness, and above all, consideration for others. you will be well on your way to being the kind of polite person who understands the rules of etiquette instinctively.


With consistency over time, these executive functions will become second nature, enabling your child to achieve their goals more confidently than ever before. Teaching students by example and experience we mold a new and organized pattern for success.

Etiquette & Manners

Some people argue that etiquette no longer matters, that the rules for good behavior are old-fashioned and out of date. Etiquette is merely a set of guidelines for politeness and good manners, the kindnesses with which we should always treat each other. It will always matter! Etiquette can create confidence and knowing how to behave appropriately in a given situation makes you more comfortable. Proper etiquette requires that you make others comfortable and protect their feelings and allows one to operate in a classy and professional in all situations which can be a priceless skill to learn and develop throughout life. Students are at a crucial time in life to develop an importance for customs and respect that can be used and passed on. Etiquette is a code and guideline for mutual respect,  not a set of strict rules carved in stone. You also will find that etiquette becomes second nature to you rather than a set of rules, and your own life will be more pleasant.